1880 Farmhouse

This Cohasset client needed a remodel to a Victorian bath in their vintage farmhouse and Renovisions was up for the task. Original pedestal sink and claw tub was worn and brass tub/shower system was old and leaking into ceiling below. Inadequate storage was also a problem for this clients growing family and their pedestal sink did not offer any. One smart decision to keep the claw tub required Renovisions to completely re-finish the interior and exterior including the claw legs to its almost original conditional; a completely new vintage tub and shower. Systems were installed in chrome finish with hand held a showerhead. Shower apparatus to accommodate another porcelain showerhead and soap dish and shower curtain. Due to the age of the room, existing flooring was not level and was a nuisance for the clients. Renovisions was able to level an area most problematic and installed white octagon shaped tile, being mindful that smaller tiles for this application was the way to go. A stately white painted wood vanity by HK with drawers and matching wood painted linen cabinet provided a stately look with plenty of storage for these very happy clients.