We love when our clients ask questions. Here are some of the most common FAQ’s.

We like to think that it is a collaborative effort. We will sit with you, listen to your ideas, bounce some ideas around with you, then come back with concepts. We’ll then again sit with you and together finalize the plans.

Depending upon the stage of the project and when product and materials were ordered, we are always available for discussion to update and make improvements to the contract..

No. Renovisions will take care of all permits if they are needed. We are licensed General Contractors trained in Massachusetts Building Code and Insured regulations.

Yes, of course! We are the people you will always interact with.

Absolutely! We are "contractor friendly" and would be happy to work with both you and your contractor to get what you really want for your project.

Yes, we gladly accept MasterCard and Visa cards up to $2,500.

According to Cost vs. Value Report, 2020, Boston Average:

Bath Remodel - Midrange: $27,3496
Bath Remodel - Upscale: $82,282

Major Kitchen Remodel - Midrange: $79,855
Major Kitchen Remodel - Upscale: $157,534

We provide a resource booklet called “Buying a new kitchen;" included inside is what we believe you need to know about Kitchen Design and Remodeling. Please feel free to come into our showroom for a copy. We also have several resources, trade magazines and informational booklets that are extremely helpful. To help with style options, we also encourage our clients to view thousands of completed home remodeling projects at www.Houzz.com

The short answer is that yes you can, however with several considerations. The first is to determine whether the wall is load bearing or not. If the wall is not load bearing and just a partition wall, than it can usually be removed without issue.

If it is determined that the wall is in fact load bearing, it can usually still be removed but will need to be replaced with a properly designed support beam. There are generally two ways the beam can be installed either by recessing it up in the ceiling for a flush look, or by installing it under the ceiling if a boxed in beam look or arch is desired. Either method will require properly designed support columns at either end.

The beam can be made out of laminated wood called (LVL), or steel. A beam made of LVL will be much taller than one made of steel, so if you have low ceilings and want a flush look then a steel beam may be the only choice. Otherwise either one can work fine. A boxed in beam dressed up with some moulding and decorative columns can look very nice too it’s all a matter of personal preference and of course budget.

One more thing to consider is that there may be electrical wiring and also plumbing and/or heating in the wall that that may need also to be moved or relocated.

Removing a wall between two rooms can be a great way to create some much needed space and give your home an entirely new look and feel however keep in mind that it is not a project for the amateur. Any project that could affect the structural integrity of a building should only be done by a licensed and insured professional and approved by the local building inspector. It can be very dangerous and usually requires the use of an architect or structural engineer to properly calculate weight loads and design a support beam accordingly.

After you’ve made all of your choices and have the installation specifications for the products and materials you will use, you will need to discuss the schedule with your designer/contractor. They will provide a detailed scope of work and go over the installation order based on the lead times and specifications on various materials.

A typical schedule would start with a complete demolition, any structural modifications, installation of windows and doors, plumbing modifications, electrical modifications, drywall, tape and texture, painting, floor and underlayment, cabinet installation, countertops, plumbing and electrical finish, floor covering installation and appliance installation.

Next, set up a beautiful table scape with some gorgeous Vietri fine Italian Dishes, light a Mia Bella Candle with a delicious aroma, and then invite your family & friends over for a grand dinner party!

We sit with you and discuss several options as we take budgetary considerations very seriously. We put together a 3-column budget analysis showing a good-better-best scenario for products helping you choose what's ultimately best for you and your family in a budget you feel most comfortable.

Still have questions? The Renovisions team is here to help! We encourage you to reach out with any issues and concerns.

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