Streamlined Shower Space

These clients loved their 1970’s-built home however, they were ready for a multiple project make-over; topping the list was a full bathroom Renovision.

A streamlined smart shower system, unique pebble tile shower floor, matte black painted cabinetry and matching brushed nickel finishes defined this new bath. The upgrades incorporated into the design not only added a pop of color but created an intelligent shower experience with the latest thermostatic shower system by Grohe. This smart valve provides precision control for consistent water settings between showers; with just a push of a button, water is diverted from a standard shower head to a separate hand-held shower head on a slide bar.

The two corner shelves and corner shower seat that opens to the floor provide an open feel to the shower space and boasts an eye-catching look. To add a bit of luxury, style and intrigue, we recommended the brushed stainless-steel sliding frameless glass shower enclosure which glides on rolling wheels for ease of operation.

A couple of added features clearly made the world of difference for these homeowners:

* A superior ventilation fan with heater/light/night light added room-warming comfort to what was once a chilly space.

* Added freshness of personal cleansing in the slim, low-profile bidet seat design features touch-screen remote that allows them to set their personal preferences for water temperature and pressure, seat temperature and air drying. The built-in night light adds another layer of convenience the clients enjoy!