Walk In Shower With Contemporary Flair

This client came to us with two primary objectives for her Master Bathroom: A sleeker, more contemporary vanity and a beautiful re-built Walk-In Shower.

We recommended the mahogany veneer wood in horizontal grain for the vanity. We also suspended the vanity off the floor which changed the style in the bathroom dramatically, yet provided our client plenty of storage.

The existing shower had been leaking for some time and in need of a major remodel. Rotten wood was replaced with new wood and a new shower was built in its place and included marble shelves, a marble shower seat and porcelain tile which looked like marble without the maintenance required of real marble.

Keeping the tub, but re-constructing the tub deck increased floor space and also added a snappy and interesting mosaic pattern to the tub surround. Walls were painted in a bright Martin Senour, ‘Baklava’ paint color which complimented the mosaic tiles and shower wall tiles nicely.

A floor warming system was added to our design which added an element of luxury and very much appreciated by our client, particularly on chilly days with her early morning schedules.