Define Your Perfect View

This project was a dramatic transformation; the tired and worn 1960’s living spaces were transformed into more attractive, energy efficient spaces with higher quality products and a contemporary, eclectic vibe that runs throughout the house and matches the client’s style.

The outdated, stained, orange shag carpeting throughout the main living spaces needed to be removed. Natural looking, bleached, white oak flooring was installed for a clean and modern look. Clients wanted more of an unfinished look for the floors, more of a bleached option that played up the graining of the wood and the natural-ness of it.

The 2nd floor doors were original to the house, poor quality, worn and outdated. New high-quality, arched-top, Cheyenne with beadboard wood doors in a painted finish were installed throughout.

The existing floor was crooked and squeaky throughout the second floor, especially where the living room meets the hallway caused by previous poor construction. The sub floor was re-nailed and a new floor was correctly installed throughout the living areas. A transition was required in the hallway to accommodate the 1” different in the floor height between the two parts of the house.

The old wood railing system which was outdate and loose making them nervous with kids running around needed to be replaced. An entire new railing system was installed – a contemporary look with black metal posts and stainless-steel rods with simple clean lines. The thin rods allow for a beautiful view of the grand living room below. The wooden stair treads, risers and railings were all custom stained to match exactly to the natural looking, bleached, white oak wood flooring. To help tie everything together in the main living space, stainless profile strips were used on the tile edges of the stairs to match with the stainless-steel railing rods.

Their dramatic, open entry way which included an unused wood burning fireplace with an underwhelming mantle needed a wow-factor. We installed stunning, completely customized 14’ vertical stained wood molding strips above a new gas fireplace which features contemporary black crystal stones and a black granite surround. The (¾” wide x 1 1/8” deep x 14’ height) Dark Red Meranti wood strips were each custom fabricated, cut and stained to color match the walnut furniture piece in the grand living room. New, large, dramatic, and modern chandeliers were installed which were the perfect choice for the desired look and cast much needed light. 

The room was always cold, and the old radiators were clunky, taking up too much space. The clients were searching for a better solution. New, hydronic, space-saving, energy-efficient heating elements were installed which give a sleeker and more modern vibe. The new gas fireplace is also energy efficient and is used as an alternate source of heat and cozy ambiance.

We also installed motorized shades with remote controls in the grand living room which were perfect for these expansive windows. Opening and closing all at once or one at a time with the touch of a button is as satisfying as it is functional.

The clients longed for more natural light with larger, more insulated windows in the upstairs living space. Stunning floor to ceiling, low-e glass, triple paned, energy efficient windows were installed. The new windows made a huge difference insulation wise as far as heat and sound, they live on a noisy main road and the new windows mask the sound beautifully. Clients are amazed at how much natural light they now have. The black finish interior of the windows with slim lines and lots of glass allows the homeowners to have a more pleasing visual of the outdoor landscape, a true natural experience that also keeps with the contemporary design.

Additional storage near the dining area was also on the list of wants. A larger, more updated corner cabinet was installed in a painted finish to match the new cabinetry on both sides of the fireplace.

A new shiplap ceiling in the upstairs living space gave the vibe and style the clients wanted and was painted white to give the brightness they desired.

The old, brick fireplace had to be completely reworked to accommodate this new contemporary design. The 1950’s wall oven, beehive and all brick from the old, unusable fireplace was removed. We installed a new double wall oven and cabinetry on the left side in place of the 1950’s wall oven. The entire fireplace front was faced with reclaimed vintage barnwood from cigar barns in Georgia. A new, working wood-burning stove with granite hearth and surround was installed.

We were asked to create a bar area with beer/wine refrigerator, liquor storage and prep space. We deconstructed the outdated pine bookcase with clunky radiator. Designed and installed wood cabinetry in a white-painted finish which included mullion glass doors with matching interior finish and LED interior and under cabinet lights. Sleek modern radiator heating elements were added under the new windows across the room, so it was not necessary to add a heat source at the new bar area. In the bar area, the Quartzite countertop with full height backsplash features a waterfall edge that mimics the waterfall edge in adjoining bathroom that the clients love. Angle power strips under the cabinets free-up the beautiful backsplash area.

These clients’ style has always been clean lines and a contemporary style, a completely different style than what was existing in their home for many years. They had begun searching for a new house; however, they liked their location and prices to move were extremely costly. After consulting with us, they believed staying in their home and renovating would be the best choice for them and their children.

The new offering works to add warmth to the spaces, creating an overall sense of coziness as the clients experienced a dark and cold feeling with their prior living areas.

Clients loved collaborating on the design and concept and enjoy the new modern spirit of their remodeled home with a vibe that they want to live in day in and day out.

“All the work is looks wonderful; we are so pleased! We hosted a neighborhood party and everyone was in awe. They couldn’t believe the transformation and wanted it in their own homes.”