Details Matter from Dream to Reality

Only a few years after a previous bathroom remodel, our clients disliked their design and poorly constructed shower that was leaking with foul odors emitting, so seeking a professional remodeler was top of mind this time.

Overall, we designed and built a new re-configured space with a more spacious, fully waterproofed walk-in shower, elegant, beaded inset styled vanity with customized drawers and stunning tile patterns that all come together, adding personality to this clean and serene space.

The biggest need was a properly built shower with a “no-leak Warranty”.  Upon de-construction, we uncovered shoddy workmanship as 1.5” of pooled water (source of bad odors) was found under the poorly constructed shower bench and curb. A section of sub-flooring had to be removed due to rotten wood. Clients requested a low height shower curb to accommodate their aging mother who is living with them. They did not want a center drain because they floor would have to pitch in 4 directions making it unstable to stand on. The newly re-configured space included a professionally designed and built, fully waterproofed walk-in shower with a lifetime warranty provided. The curb was built 2.5” above the drain, which the shortest possible to pass building code. A lineal drain system was installed and pitched to the wall, avoiding a center drain.

The clients also requested a more functional layout with the toilet re-located, so that it is not seen from the master bedroom. Designing the walk-in shower on the left wall as you enter the room, allowed us to re-locate the toilet to the opposite wall and now, the beautiful beaded inset vanity is what the clients see when entering the space. We were able to increase the size of the shower as well as the vanity, while keeping the same footprint.

Challenges were encountered when we coordinated the wainscot tile with the height of the window sill and the height of the half wall around the shower. The clients wanted exactly two rows of tiles above the vanity countertop, so we had to cut and custom fit the vanity base down to accommodate the tile design at the backsplash area so that it matched with the window height. We then built the half wall around the shower to match. The bath window sill was custom milled to match the sill they loved in their kitchen.

Four different tiles were selected. The shapes and colors all came together, adding personality to the new space.

Re-worked the heat which originally came from the floor into the wall. It was a challenge to re-frame the wall to accommodate the new ductwork due to a wall stud in the way.

We encountered a design challenge when choosing light fixtures. We needed a specific size to maintain symmetry around the matching framed mirrors as space was limited.

We were thinking ‘inside the box’ by maximizing the vanity storage capacity: the 1st and 2nd drawers were designed with custom notching to accommodate the sink plumbing.

The lovely planation shutters beautifully adorn the double casement bathroom window that maximizes natural light through the entire space.

The clients were skeptical after working with contractors in the past, however they appreciated the superior workmanship at every turn on this project. Every need was discussed and addressed specific to the safety and wellness of these aging clients. Existing issues along with problems that arose during the project were resolved, ultimately exceeding client’s expectations. When designing, a critical rule for conserving space was followed: finding a place for everything, while keeping everything in its place. Clients were thrilled with their beautiful and relaxing newly re-configured space as it flowed much better for them. The color scheme utilizing whites, silvery grays and shiny chrome resulted in a bright, light, and relaxing palette.