Open for Guests

Our client purchased an exquisite antique home of his dreams, however the three existing bathrooms which were last renovated in 1970’s were closed off, dark and lacking proper ventilation. After seeking out a local brick and mortar shop, he turned to Renovisions to transform each bath into a classic, clean and bright aesthetic that evoked more of an open and inviting feel to his 1721 vintage home.

Challenge #1: Dealing with the antique’s age and difficult attic access.

Solution: We successfully maneuvered up the crooked attic stairs and worked in a confined area to connect ventilation to the exterior. 

Challenge #2: At the project start, the Renovisions Team discovered that there was an old and decayed cast iron vent pipe running from the first floor family room through the 2nd floor bathroom to roof. 

Solution: We carefully removed the old rotten pipe so we would not cause harm to existing structures and replaced it with a new PVC pipe.

This small, dark, inefficient floor plan was re-worked to accommodate a walk-in shower with half-wall and a custom 3/8” frameless glass shower enclosure. Renovisions designed the new space for a better flow, all without removing any other walls other than the wall which became the half wall.
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